hoarder-clean-up-2Git it Demoed provides a variety of estate cleaning service options. When our truck teams arrive they will bag, remove, load, clean-up and haul away all remaining unwanted items. We will remove drapes, cleanout out closets, basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, whole house cleanouts and the outside the property.

We provide handyman contractor services for general repairs and landscape services to insure the outside of the property looks ready for sale as well. Whatever your needs to clean out estates, can provide. We have partnerships with a variety of antique appraisal companies just in case there are items of value. Our job is to make the entire process as convenient, timely and efficient as possible.junk-removal We are one of the premier estate cleaning companies in the Northern Virgina area. Just give us a call 703-533-0094 and allow our family to assist your family