Junk Removal

our main specialties is demolition.  We offer junk removal services, but sometimes items are entirely to big to remove in the current condition that they are in.  hot-tub-demolition-removal-reston-vaThis is where our demolition services come in.  Whether it be a hot tub, deck, a fence, garages, off house garages, porch, balcony, shed, swing set, or play set, and old boat, or any large object within your property, the item needs to be cut down to size in order to be hauled away.

We use a variety of techniques depending upon the item required to be demolished.  Perhaps you need an entire old property taken down.  Maybe you inherited a small piece of land out in the country where the wood is rotten and the house has become unlivable.


hoarder-dcMaybe this property is on a lake and you either want to build a new home there or clear the property out and sell it as land. What ever you need to be demolished we can help. Call 703-533-0094 today for your free estimate!